Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Mrs. Duwaik lashes out at Abbas for not exerting enough efforts in her husbands' case

Occupied Jerusalem - The wife of Dr. Aziz Duwaik, the Israeli kidnapped PLC speaker, Tuesday addressed severe criticism to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas for not exerting enough efforts to rally international support seeking the release of her husband and other kidnapped PA ministers and lawmakers from Israeli occupation jails.

She told the PIC correspondent in occupied Jerusalem that she did not sense any tangible efforts on the part of Abbas and other PA leadership membership in the case of the kidnapped ministers and MPs.

She said that such a stand was "surprising" on the part of Abbas and raised a lot of questions, adding that he could have called on Arab and international parliaments to hold a session to discuss the Israeli arrests and the Hebrew state's attempts to disband the democratically-elected PLC and finally to demand expulsion of Israel from the international parliamentary union over such practices.

"The current passive position is not acceptable", the wife of Duwaik emphasized, and drew the attention to the fact that Arab and Muslim reactions to what had happened did not cope with the seriousness of the incident.

She said that her husband's health condition was stable but still worrying, and pointed out that he was isolated from the outside world.

She charged that her husband's arrest was political in nature and reflected the Israeli arrogance, noting that a parliament speaker enjoys immunity that bars his detention.

Mrs. Duwaik further described her husband's trial as "illegitimate" and a theatrical play that displayed the oppressive image of the Israeli occupation.

She said that the trial aimed at forcing them (kidnapped ministers and legislators) and the Palestinian people to recognize the Israeli occupation and to give up constants, which, she stressed, would never happen.

She finally praised the Palestinian masses for their sympathy with the kidnapped PLC speaker, deputies and ministers.

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