Tuesday, September 5, 2006

T-shirt Campaign

The story of Raed Jarrar, who was barred from a flight for wearing this shirt,
can be found here: http://raedinthemiddle.blogspot.com/

From The Critical Voice
Affinity Group of Artists Against War

Sept. 5th, 2006

The "We WIll Not Be Silent" campaign is reaching all
over the world, illustrating without a doubt, the
campaign's deep resonance amongst the many who feel
strongly about speaking out. Since the breaking of
this story, less than 48 hours ago, 'The Critical
Voice' has received over 1000 requests for t-shirts in
all languages.

People want shirts to board flights all over the

A soldier requested an Arabic t-shirt to wear under
his uniform.

Another soldier had hand-drawn a stencil version to
make his own Arabic t-shirt before receiving ours.

A mother, and member of GoldStar families, who lost
her only son in Iraq on 5.30.04 wants a shirt.

A couple getting married wants shirts for the entire
wedding party to wear at their ceremony.

A man wants a shirt to wear when he runs the New York
City marathon.

A man in Israel wants 100 shirts to send to the
occupied territories.

A Methodist minister wants an Arabic t-shirt to wear,
with his white collar showing, and will bring many to
the other clergy.

The shirts are being sent as far as Slovenia, Korea,
the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Spain,
Britain, Germany, Canada . . .as well as of course
all over the United States. We could not have
anticipated the extraordinary level of response, and
are moved by the genuine, personal testimonies that
strike at the heart of the statement's deep and
profound meaning.

We have been overwhelmed with the excitement and
inspiration the campaign is generating. Please go to
the following link for our website.

Thank you,
The Critical Voice

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