Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jordanian-trained unit loyal to Fatah prepares for Gaza role

Everyone wants to control the Palestinians, even the lousy Jordanian puppet boy king

"AMMAN: A Palestinian force trained and based in Jordan is preparing for deployment in the Gaza Strip as part of efforts to restore security in the territory, the Palestinian envoy to Amman said Sunday.

"The Bader forces are getting ready to be deployed in the Gaza Strip," Palestinian Ambassador Atallah Khairi told AFP.

"We hope that this will take place before the end of the year," Khairi said, albeit admitting no final decision has yet been made.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in October that his government was considering whether to approve the deployment of the Bader forces.

In the past, Israel has had reservations over their deployment, which it sees as tantamount to the return of Palestinian refugees.

Their possible dispatch is part of regional efforts to bolster security in the Palestinian territories and part of discussions involving Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority for more than a year.

"The Bader force is something that has been discussed and that is being discussed," Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Joudeh said last week about the militia's possible dispatch to the territories.

The Bader Brigade consists of around 1,500 Jordanian-trained militiamen and is loyal to the Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The force is composed of Jordanian citizens of Palestinian origin trained by the Jordanian Army's special forces.

Jordanian officials have repeatedly stressed that the Bader troops are "not Jordanian forces" and that Amman has no jurisdiction over them (yeah, sure).

Discussions to send the force to the Palestinian territories re-emerged in the wake of a surge of violence in the Gaza Strip following last year's Israeli pullout from the territory (So the Jordanians are doing Israel's job).

Last year, Jordan had said it was ready to dispatch them to the West Bank amid reports at the time that Israel was preparing to evacuate that area." - AFP

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