Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rice Urges Iraq to be more like Vietnam

Rice Urges Iraq to be more like Vietnam (???!!)

By Juan Cole

"AP says that Secretary of State Condi Rice asserted Saturday that Iraqis only have a future if they stay within a single state. She pointed to Vietnam's success in reforming its economy and making up with the United States and held it out as a model to Iraq.


Rice surely knows that the way in which Vietnam achieved national unity was . . . for the radical forces to drive out the Americans, overthrow pro-American elements, and conquer the whole country. They only went in for this capitalism thing fairly recently. Rice, a Ph.D. and former Provost of Stanford University, shouldn't be saying silly things like that Iraq should emulate Vietnam. I guess if you hang around with W. long enough, you catch whatever it is that he has."


Do you hear this Iraqis? Even the Princess of Darkness gets it now; listen to her and do what she tells you. Here is the plan, which Rice knows that it works. First, all of you Iraqis from North, Middle and South do as the North and South Vietnamese did: Unite. Next, take up arms against the aggressors and their quisling and not against each other. Finally, and after you kick out the occupying American forces, unify the country and make it stronger. It works, just trust Dr. Rice; for once she is right!

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