Monday, November 20, 2006

Sayyed Nasrallah stresses preparedness to take to the street to topple "Feltman's" government


"Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah called on the Lebanese to be prepared to receive, at any time, a call to take to the streets to topple the government of US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, and not the government of Fouad Saniora, because it is an illegitimate and unconstitutional government. Sayyed Nasrallah was speaking during a gathering with the organizing committees of civic actions Saturday night. In his speech broadcast Sunday, his eminence underlined the peaceful and civilized nature of the popular action and singled out as important the cooperation and deliberations with all opposition powers. Sayyed Nasrallah said that the call to demonstrate could be made just a few hours before the action is set to begin and could well extend for an unknown period of time. He also pointed to certain restrictions and "red lines" that must be observed. His eminence said that civil war, stability, clashes and internal sedition and preserving public and personal properties, were all red lines. The Hezbollah chief revealed some facts that took place during national talks. He said that one the ruling bloc's poles proposed that the opposition would take more that the "deactivating third" in the government in return for the "tribunal of international character". His eminence added that the interference by the American embassy in Aoukar, north of Beirut, forced this "pole" and others in his bloc to reverse the proposal, which was initially rejected by both Hezbollah and the Amal Movement since the issue of he tribunal was settled for on the round table of National Dialogue, before the recent Israeli war against Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah also said that the ruling bloc has become weak and cannot be entrusted to take a proper and decisive decision for the country, because it is committed to American decisions. His eminence stressed there are two remaining option to solve the political crisis: to accept a national unity government with a factual representation or to hold early elections. Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the ruling bloc saying the option of having a national unity government is still open. However he refused accusations by the so called majority that the opposition is seeking to control the country and put into effect a Syrian-Iranian plan, dismissing such accusations as baseless propaganda. The Secretary General said that the new political dilemma is that "we are talking to a party that's decision is not in its hand." "

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