Monday, March 5, 2007

Liars Caught on Camera

US seizes Afghan shooting footage

"US forces in Afghanistan tried to confiscate video and destroy photographic evidence taken after a shooting incident that left at least 10 civilians dead, witnesses have told Al Jazeera.

Footage obtained by Al Jazeera shows the scene in Nangarhar province immediately after US forces opened fire following a car bomb attack on their convoy. The footage included a scenes of local people in shock, treating the wounded and pulling bodies from the debris left by the shooting......

'Complete lie'

Witnesses say the suicide bomber had acted alone, that there were no accomplices and that US troops had panicked, firing at anything that moved immediately after the attack.

One told Al Jazeera: "There were no gunmen, this is a complete lie. This is a peaceful area, we don't have guns."

The dead included an 80-year-old man, whose grand-son said: "A bomb exploded, my grandfather sat in a car and at that time American soldiers were shooting into my grandfather's car."........"

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