Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sy Hersh: Neolib Disinfo Operative?

Once in a while, Kurt Nimmo goes over the edge; this article is an example. I disagree with this article by Nimmo and I strongly agree with what Seymour Hersh has reported. Saudi Arabia and the rest of the "moderate" Arab kennel have been working to stir anti-Shia sentiment and to agitate against Iran for sometime. The boy king of Jordan has been warning about a so-called Shia crescent, so has Mubarak. The "moderate" mongrels were openly cheerleading for Israel against Hizbullah last summer. The facts on the ground in Lebanon support what Hersh reported about Al-Qaeda-affiliated "Sunni" groups in Lebanon receiving arms and financing from the Siniora government and outside financiers, including KSA. Just because Ahmadinejad met King Abdullah does not prove that KSA is working to reduce sectarian tensions. The trip could have been to deliver a warning by Iran that this sectarian war that KSA is inflaming (on behalf of Usrael) could easily consume the Arab "moderate" leaders and their regimes.

A senior Palestinian leader who was involved in the discussions in Mecca that led to the agreement to establish a so-called "national unity government" was told bluntly by Saudi officials, "a Sunni-Shia war is coming, which side are you on?"

Tony Sayegh

"......If so, this does not explain why “Sunni and Shi’ite heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Iran” are working together “to fight the spread of sectarian strife that threatens to spill over from their neighbor Iraq,” according to Reuters. “Saudi King Abdullah held talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was on his first official trip to Saudi Arabia. A Saudi official said earlier the kingdom would seek Iran’s help to ease sectarian tensions in Iraq erupting into full-blown civil war.” If indeed Saudi Arabia is working with the neocons to undermine the influence of the Shi’a in Lebanon—and if we are to believe Hersh and his “sources,” Iran itself—how do we explain Abdullah and Ahmadinejad making nice?....

Considering this, it makes perfect sense Sy Hersh, writing for a “liberal” magazine revamped by Tina “Lady Evans” Brown, who got her start working for the “conservative” Sunday Telegraph, would serve as a disinfo conduit, writing one article after another taking the neocons to task, much to their chagrin."---Kurt Nimmo.

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