Monday, December 3, 2007

Iraqi government fragments further

By Ali al-Fadhily
Asia Times

"BAGHDAD - As sectarian tensions escalate politically, a new fissure is appearing within the already fragmented Iraqi government.

Adnan al-Dulaimi, head of the Sunni political bloc the Accordance Front in the Iraqi Parliament, has been placed under house arrest by Iraqi and US security forces in the Adil neighborhood west of Baghdad.....

Sunni observers talked to IPS about the arrests, and expressed other opinions. "This man was one of the reasons that the Shi'ite coalition controlled the situation in Iraq the way they do now and he deserves what is happening to him," Omar Mahmood, a lawyer who is close to the Iraqi Association of Muslim Scholars led by Harith al-Dhari, told IPS in Baghdad, "He drew Sunnis to be cheap cover for the faked political operation that helped American occupation have routes in Sunni areas."

An Iraqi resistance fighter spoke with IPS on condition of anonymity. "The poor old guy sacrificed his faith and reputation for a cheap chair in the Parliament and now they are throwing him into the garbage can like used tissue," the man told IPS in Baghdad, "We always advised him that the Islamic Party and the Shi'ite coalition would definitely get rid of him as soon as he is no more needed, but he listened to his pocket more than listening to the voice of reason."....."

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