Wednesday, December 5, 2007

There She Goes Again, Slaughtering Another Country: US urges more troops for Somalia

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has called for more peacekeeping troops to be deployed urgently to Somalia to replace Ethiopian soldiers.

"She said the US appreciated the deployment of an advance Ugandan force but they "frankly need to be joined soon by other forces".

The US is offering to help African states who send troops to Somalia.....

Ethiopian troops marched into Somalia a year ago to help Somalia's UN-backed interim government oust Islamist forces.

The US supported the intervention which has proven unpopular, with insurgents continuing to stage attacks.

The UN says that one million Somalis have been displaced by the fighting, including 60% of the capital's residents.

Last month, Mr Meles acknowledged his troops had become bogged down.....

"We do believe that peace-keeping efforts need to take place in Somalia," Ms Rice said on Wednesday.

"We do believe that the Ethiopian forces should not have to stay in Somalia past a certain point but it's going to require peacekeeping forces to be fairly robust peacekeeping forces and so that will be part of my discussion."......"

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