Friday, December 7, 2007

The plight of Iraqi refugees

The same UN that failed the Iraqi people must now make mandatory US-UK reparations to Iraq and the allocation of Iraqi oil revenues for Iraqi refugees

By Denis Halliday
(former UN assistant secretary- general and among the first endorsers of the Iraqi International Initiative on Iraqi Refugees)
Al-Ahram Weekly

"Demanding of our attention and action today is the terrible plight of Iraqi refugees, both those outside the country and internally displaced persons (IDPs). They number to date a fifth of the Iraqi population......

It is urgent that we assist our Iraqi friends find the shortest possible route to the restoration of their national sovereignty. We need to demand an end to all forms of foreign interference. And we need to recognise that the people of Iraq alone can best determine what is to be the future for their country, and in what manner that future is to be pursued, and obtained."

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