Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finally.....A Hamas "Law Maker" Gets it! Is the Politburo Chief Listening?

Um Nedal: Dialogue with killers is futile

"GAZA, (PIC)-- Palestinian lawmaker Maryam Farahat "Um Nedal" of Hamas Movement has urged Saturday her mother Movement to halt all forms of dialogue with the "killers", adding that what was happening in the West Bank at the hands of Abbas-Fayyadh armed militia has nothing to do with Palestinian values and traditions.

In an interview with Hamas's information office, Farahat underlined, "Indeed, I call for the immediate halt of this dialogue, and I consider talking to murderers useless and futile…. What does it mean that you sit with and talk to me, on the one hand, and on the other hand, you kill me?".

"Abbas and Fatah faction aren’t sincere in seeking dialogue with Hamas to end the Palestinian political division, and I believe that they (Abbas and Fatah) were attached to an unpatriotic agenda that is very far from the legal rights of the Palestinian people, and that they were wagering on time hoping they could achieve political gains", the lady legislator asserted.

She explained that the women movement in Hamas has clearly and publicly called on the Movement's leadership not to go to the dialogue unless all Palestinian political detainees in Abbas's jails in the West Bank are freed, and unless Fatah faction stops all frenzied campaigns against Hamas, its supporters, and its institutions in the West Bank.

In this regard, Farahat, herself is a mother of three martyrs, called on Palestinian resistance fighters in the West Bank not to give up their weapons to the US-trained and financed Abbas-Fayyadh security forces in the West Bank, describing the behavior of those security forces against Palestinian women in the West Bank as "betrayal" of Palestinian values and ethics........"

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