Sunday, September 6, 2009

Interview: Palestine's storyteller


"On August 29, 1987, Naji al-Ali, one of the Arab World's most renown political cartoonists, was shot dead in London by unknown assailants. The murder case has never been solved.

Al-Ali, who was born in Palestine in 1938 and became a refugee when Israel was created 10 years later, is perhaps best remembered for his iconic cartoon character of Handala, a ten year-old shoe-less urchin who bears witness to the grim realities of a region torn by war, corruption, inequality and cynicism.

A Child in Palestine, a new book of his cartoons translated in English, was recently published to commemorate the life and works of the artist who came to symbolise public Arab opinion.

Al Jazeera's Awad Joumaa interviewed his son, Khalid al-Ali, on the artist's legacy. The following are excerpts from the interview.

Al Jazeera: The Guardian newspaper once described Naji al-Ali as "the nearest thing there is to an Arab public opinion". Does that adequately describe your father?......."

A Sample of Naji al-Ali's Cartoons

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