Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Viva Palestina USA Joins International Effort!

Viva Palestina USA

".......As was the sentiment following the British convoy which departed from the UK and drove across Northern Africa and into Gaza in February and March of this year, there is already a great desire in the United States to repeat the convoy experience. This we MUST do. This we WILL do. In fact, we are already organizing a “mega-convoy” involving both volunteers from the US and the UK and aid from both nations to deliver humanitarian supplies to our brothers and sisters in Gaza this winter.

Pooling all our efforts

The Viva Palestina leadership in both countries is looking closely at the logistical issues and the difficulties faced by this last Viva Palestina convoy and other missions from other organizations which have attempted to cross into Gaza during this long-standing and brutal siege. It is our hope to anticipate any possible difficulties with the goal of overcoming every one as we move towards Gaza for a second time. In that, Viva Palestina representatives have had a series of extremely productive discussions with similar campaigns and initiatives – ranging from the Free Gaza movement to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Britain – since returning. We have all agreed to an even greater coordination of our efforts.

In addition, the Viva Palestina convoy hoping to leave from Venezuela with the support and attendance of President Hugo Chavez is picking up steam and plans to deliver humanitarian aid into Gaza this fall......."

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