Monday, December 14, 2009

The Taxi Driver Who Drove Us to War

How we were lied into Iraq, Part XXXIV

By Justin Raimondo

"Over on the other side of the pond, the British are doing something we would never ever do – aside, that is, from spreading Marmite on a tea biscuit and actually consuming it. They are investigating the origins of the Iraq war. They want to know how did they get lured into an operation that not only turned out badly, but also seems to have been based on a battery of ill-thought-out lies. A commission has been set up, and public hearings are being held: among the revelations is the information that a key source of claims for the existence of Iraq’s fabled "weapons of mass destruction" was the "intelligence" provided by an Iraqi taxi driver who said he overheard a conversation between two Iraqi military officers. According to a report written by Tory MP and defense specialist Adam Holloway, here’s how it went down......

In short, we should be having public hearings on the methods used to lie us into war, but we won’t – for all of the reasons given above. And one more: our rulers don’t believe we are entitled to the truth, because, you see, only they can handle it. While we thrill to the latest revelation of Tiger Woods’ sexual prowess, they bravely face up to the cold hard facts we could never even bear to contemplate – because they’re better, wiser, richer, and undeniably more enlightened then the inhabitants of the distant hinterlands. We don’t deserve the truth, in their estimation, and wouldn’t care even if we did know it. Better to draw a curtain over it, and leave us to the latest edition of TMZ.

Secrecy in government has become the rule rather than the exception: they can’t put one over on us unless they do it in the dark. Which is why, in the end, darkness rules, and why, in these new Dark Ages we seem to be entering, there is nary even the hint of a light at the end of the tunnel......"

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