Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Beat the War Party

And keep beating them

by Justin Raimondo, February 10, 2010

"......That’s the key to understanding a lot of war propaganda, which is often barely credible – like the Niger uranium forgeries [.pdf], which were such crudely transparent fakes that it took IAEA scientists using Google an hour or so to expose them as fraudulent. By that time, however, the forgers had already accomplished their purpose, which was to shift popular opinion in a pro-war direction – which, using George W. Bush as their willing sock-puppet, they did.

In framing the Iranians for supposedly harboring "weapons of mass destruction," the War Party’s job is to keep up a relentless assault in the hope something will stick. Get ready for a barrage of "leaks" by pro-war factions inside the administration, and yet more "intelligence" reports planted by one or another foreign country with an interest in fomenting war, all of it backed up and "verified" by reliably biased experts. What makes the War Party’s job easier, in this case, is that it’s not hard to confuse the public with a lot of "scientific" terminology and wrangling over technical details: people eventually throw up their hands, and reason that where there’s so much smoke there’s bound to be fire......"

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