Monday, March 15, 2010


They seek them here, they seek them there, they seek them everywhere

By Justin Raimondo

"We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. That, you’ll recall, was the message pounded home in the early days of the Long War – essentially the same tired old cold war line trotted out by the neocons and revamped for the age of terrorism. If we don’t stop them in Central America, the (Sandinistas, Cubans, Salvadoran rebels) will be in Texas soon enough.
As it turned out, the Sandinistas never made it to Baja California......

So what’s going on here? You’ll notice whenever the US homes in on a possible target that the country in question is usually described as a "haven" for al-Qaeda, and, what’s more, an al-Qaeda affiliate claiming allegiance to bin Laden springs up from the murk: al-Qaeda-in-Iraq, al-Qaeda-in-Yemen, al-Qaeda-in-Somalia – and now, ominously, al-Qaeda-in-America.

No doubt this uptick in the alleged threat from US-born "terrorists" will be used to justify the extension and expansion of the government’s power to spy on us, harass us at airports, and invade every aspect of our lives. It doesn’t matter that the whole scare-mongering campaign seems bogus from beginning to end, and that the alleged danger posed by "Jihad Jane" and "Jihad Jamie" appears to be largely a figment of the US media’s perfervid imagination, and that these gals are a danger mainly to themselves. What matters is that the alleged danger of Islamic terrorists on American soil has been resurrected.

It remains to be seen, however, what are the origins of these remarkably murky incidents of "terrorism." I strongly suspect there’s a lot less here than meets the eye – and a lot more shenanigans by the authorities than anyone now imagines."

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