Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Global Condemnation of Israeli Armed Attack on Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla: At least 10 dead, 100s remain in detention

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With Amy Goodman

"It was early Monday morning as Israeli soldiers stormed the Gaza-bound international aid convoy called the Freedom Flotilla in international waters about 40 miles off the coast of Gaza. The 6 ships had nearly 700 international activists on board and 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid. They were aiming to break the 3-year long siege of the Gaza strip. Israeli commandos landed on the lead ship in the convoy the Turkish Mavi Marmara, which had about 600 activists on board. At least 10 and as many as 19 civilians on board the ship have been reported to have died in the attack. Israeli troops proceeded to seize the Mavi Marmara and the 5 other ships and take them to the port of Ashdod. Hundreds of activists are being detained in an Israeli prison and nearly 50 others have been deported. IThe United Nations Security Council has condemned the attack and called for the immediate release of the ships and the civilians held by Israel and called for an impartial investigation. All the permanent member of the Security Council except for the United States explicitly called for Israel’s 3-year blockade of the Gaza strip to be lifted. Turkey has compared Israel’s actions to state terrorism. We speak to Adam Shapiro, Amira Hass, Ali Abunimah and Richard Falk....."

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