Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One thousand protest against Israel in London


"LONDON — More than a thousand pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in London on Monday to denounce Israel's storming of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla which left at least nine people dead.

Waving Palestinian flags and placards saying "Disarm Israel" and accusing Israel of "war crimes", the protesters had earlier marched through the capital and stopped outside the prime minister's Downing Street residence.

The demonstrators, who were noisy but peaceful, then marched across London to gather near the Israeli embassy which stands in a road blocked off by security gates which were guarded by hundreds of police.

Maha Rahwanji, 35, the daughter of Palestinian exiles who lives in London, wept as she spoke about the interception of an aid ship by Israeli commandos.

"Today marks the anniversary of my father's death. Instead of being at a memorial service, after he died 20 years ago for the cause, instead of being at his graveside to remember him, I am mourning the loss of another 20 people," she said....."

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