Sunday, October 24, 2010

Iran Is Said to Give Top Karzai Aide Cash by the Bagful

Contributed by Molly

NY Times

"KABUL, Afghanistan — One evening last August, as President Hamid Karzai wrapped up an official visit to Iran, his personal plane sat on the airport tarmac, waiting for a late-running passenger: Iran’s ambassador to Afghanistan.

The ambassador, Feda Hussein Maliki, finally appeared, taking a seat next to Umar Daudzai, Mr. Karzai’s chief of staff and his most trusted confidant. According to an Afghan official on the plane, Mr. Maliki handed Mr. Daudzai a large plastic bag bulging with packets of euro bills. A second Afghan official confirmed that Mr. Daudzai carried home a large bag of cash.

This is the Iranian money,” said an Afghan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Many of us noticed this.”....."

COMMENT by Tony Sayegh

Iran is playing in Afghanistan exactly the same role it played in Iraq: blasting "The Great Satan" in public but in reality supporting the puppets of the Great Satan who are in effect dual puppets.

Is this why Iran insists on strongly backing the puppet Maliki in Iraq? To keep a direct line to the Great Satan, knowing that Maliki is also Washington's choice.

Now how ridiculous is Nasrallah's position to say that Hizbullah backed Maliki on the condition that Maliki insists on the total withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by 2011?

Since when do puppets dictate terms to their masters?

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