Friday, October 29, 2010

Suspicious packages 'contain explosive material,' Obama says

[Obama has been itching to escalate in Yemen ala Pakistan and have his drones kill innocent civilians masquerading as Terrorists.  This is his justification and trigger point. It does not take a conspiracy theorist to see the set up that took place here. Did the Package Originate in Yemen , Yes , did the US's Agents and KSA's Agents place them : ABSOLUTELY. It is getting old but Obama is looking more like Bush , deploying fear and false evidence to escalate the empire's "war on Terrorism"] 

 -- Suspicious packages found in at least two locations abroad that were bound for the United States "apparently contain explosive material," President Barack Obama said Friday, calling the discovery "a credible threat against our country."
The packages led to increased searches of cargo planes and trucks in several U.S. cities, said law enforcement sources with detailed knowledge of the investigation.
U.S. officials believe that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, commonly referred to as AQAP, is behind the incident.
Obama confirmed that the packages originated in Yemen, the stronghold of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

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