Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bahrain: 14 year old teenager killed during protest

Another boy is taken away by tyrant Arab regime.

A 14-year-old Bahraini boy has died after being hit by a tear gas canister during clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces, the Gulf kingdom’s main Shia opposition group al-Wefaq has said.

Activists blamed the police for the death of Ali Jawad Ahmad, who was among the protesters in the oil hub area of Sitra on Wednesday. A police official told the state news agency BNA that the incident was being investigated, without saying how the boy was injured.
Bahrain has been in turmoil for the past few months since protests by the dominant Shia community broke out, demanding great freedom and political rights.More than 30 people have been killed since the protests began in February inspired by other uprisings across the Arab world.
More than 70 per cent of Bahrain’s population is Shia but claim widespread discrimination by the ruling al-Khalifa Sunni dynasty. Small scale clashes between police and mostly Shia demonstrators have become a near nightly event in the tense Gulf nation since authorities lifted emergency rule in June.
Bahraini authorities released more than 140 detainees, including two former members of Parliament who belong to the oppositionl Al-Wefaq, and a prominent opposition lawyer.The measure – at the occasion of Ramadan – was menat to diminish tension. The two former MP’s  resigned from Parliament in February over the killing of pro-reform protesters..Former Al Wefaq MPs Matar Matar and Jawad Fairuz were “tortured” while in the custody of Bahraini national security forces, Matar said.

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