Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Al-Jazeera Video: Cracks appear in the Syrian military

"Cracks seem to be appearing in the Syrian military, this video is said to show a soldier dressed in uniform saying he has quit.

"I am captain Youssef Hammoud from the ranks of the 5th Unit, Brigade 15.

I announce my defection from the Syrian Arab Army, which has transformed its mission from protector of the country to saboteur of the country, and has killed innocent people, children, the elderly and women and put innocent people in prison and violated religious sanctities and imposed a suffocating siege.

We promise them that the town of Rastan will be their graveyard, and we promise the regime that there will be large defections if it continues with its oppression.

We promise them big surprises. We will shake Assad's entity and his gang when the army enters Rastan.""

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