Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hamas to Abbas: UN Bid Another Illusion of Statehood


Palestinian Authority Head Mahmoud Abbas returned from New York to much fanfare in the West Bank. In Gaza, Hamas officials cast serious doubts on Abbas’s performance in the UN and warned against a return to another round of negotiations.

"Gaza — Hamas officials say that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN was emotional and reflected despair over the failed progress of negotiations with the US and Israel. Hamas views the UN speech as Abbas’s political farewell from Palestinian politics.

Hamas Legislative Council MP Yehya Mousa called for deliberation among Palestinian factions to determine an alternative to the PA after its dissolution. In his opinion, the PA has been a divisive force among Palestinians. “The PA led by Mahmoud Abbas has taken a wrong course in dealing with the Palestinian cause. It has demonstrated its failure in maintaining the Palestinian home and preserving the right of return,” says Mousa. “The PA also contributed to the resistance’s marginalization and elimination in occupied cities of the West Bank,” he adds.

Mousa believes that Abbas’s speech at the UN aimed to cast Abbas as a hero in the media. Moreover, the statehood bid “was an indirect attempt to return to negotiations with Israel.”...."

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