Saturday, October 1, 2011

Whose “National Security” is being threatened here—and on behalf of which “foreign power”?

By Justin Raimondo

"When I first saw the memo from the FBI’s counterterrorism center in Newark, declaring that I’m “a threat to National Security,” not to mention an “agent of a foreign power,” I was incredulous. These can’t be real FBI documents, I thought to myself. Someone is pulling my leg.

Sadly, no. As I discovered upon further investigation, the memo is all too real. The provenance of the documents, which indicate that the feds launched a “preliminary investigation” of, myself, and our webmaster, Eric Garris, is as follows....

Whose “National Security” is being threatened here—and on behalf of which “foreign power”?

My alleged “crime” is to have written in too much detail about the possibility that agents of a foreign power (Israel) had some degree of foreknowledge of what happened on September 11, 2001. This is clearly what upset the FBI—because, if that is true, then where were our intrepid G-men while Israeli agents were crawling all over the place as the Twin Towers burned? They did indeed arrest five of them and interrogate them for months before quietly deporting them; and I, apparently, became a “threat to National Security” by noticing this inconvenient fact.

I suppose I should be flattered by all of this: The mighty American Empire has turned its Evil Eye on me and reckons me a “threat.” Yet I can’t muster the least bit of self-satisfaction, and indeed find this more than a little depressing. As much as one might expect a self-professed libertarian to be contemptuous of his own government, I find it monumentally disheartening. For all the denunciations of American imperialism and incipient authoritarianism I’ve written over the years, I actually thought my government was better than this. That it turns out they’re no better than the rulers of some pathetic little banana republic strips me of the very last of my youthful illusions."

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