Monday, September 12, 2011

Egypt threatens to use live rounds in security crackdown

Interim military regime says it will open fire to protect buildings after Israeli embassy in Cairo was attacked

Jack Shenker in Cairo, Monday 12 September 2011


The "Supreme" Military Council are cowards when it comes to defending Egyptian soldiers at the border, but are trying to appear as "lions" when dealing with their own people. So, what is new? Is this not the case with all the cowardly Arab armies?

"Egyptian authorities have detained a further 92 people and vowed to use live ammunition to protect key buildings following the storming of the Israeli embassy last week, which left three protesters dead and provoked the worst crisis in Israel-Egypt relations for a generation.

"We won't allow anyone to attack the interior ministry or any police station," the interior minister, Mansour al-Essawy, told state TV. "According to the law, we will resist … If there is a danger to a building or those present inside the building, we will confront with bullets."

The latest crackdown brings the total number of arrests from Friday's protests to 130, and comes as Turkey's prime minister prepares to fly into the Egyptian capital on Monday night, to begin a four-day tour of north Africa.....

Erdogan's rhetoric is likely to resonate strongly in post-Mubarak Egypt, where anger has been mounting in recent weeks over Israel's blockade of Gaza and a recent border incident that left six Egyptian soldiers dead at the hands of Israeli military forces.

The latest developments have left Egypt's military junta in a tricky position, as it seeks to appease public anger while reassuring foreign allies that it will carry on meeting its international obligations under the Camp David peace treaty with Israel...."

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