Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Orders to the Chief Driller Came From Iran: Moqtada Sadr suspends attacks on US forces

Shia radical leader says military operations will only resume if US troops in Iraq fail to pull out in time.

"Moqtada Sadr, Iraq's Shia radical leader, has ordered his followers not to attack US troops before the completion of their pullout from the country, which is scheduled by the end of the year.

But Sadr, whose political movement is a key ally to prime minister Nuri al-Maliki's fragile coalition mix of Shias, Sunnis and Kurds, warned that military operations would resume and would be severe if US forces did not depart on time.

He said Iraq could regain its independence only when US forces had left the country.

"Because of my eagerness to accomplish the independence of Iraq and have the invader forces withdraw from our holy land, it has become imperative for me to stop military operations [What military operations is he talking about? Most of the operations were carried out by the Iraqi resistance, which Sadr (in alliance with US forces) fought! The resistance was going on while he was "studying" in Qom (Iran). What a lying hypocrite!] ... until the invader forces complete their withdrawal," Sadr said in a statement read out by Salah al-Ubaidi, his spokesman....."

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