Monday, October 24, 2011

Hassan Nasrallah's Intelectual dishonesty

He is reminding me more and more of Obama, so easy to pick on him, so easy to find holes in his "logic" and "explanation" and so admired for being an eloquent speaker.  Both have an endless flock of apologists and blind supporters and increasing number of people that are disappointed by them.

Look at this statement today :
"[in Syrian] the alternative they want will be submissive to the American will."

This is the same dude that called Hakim a "bigger brother" and  praised him for "struggling" and "rescuing" Iraq. The same dude that invited Chalabi ( and yes a fly can't enter Lebanon without him knowing about it) just 2 weeks ago on a freedom conference in Beirut.  Should he not be FINE and OK with a Syria that is submissive to the American will, I mean he never minded Iraq being a US client ? so Why Syria ?

His interview  today made remember Chomsky he once said something like "if the USSR represents the left than I want nothing to do with it" and today I say
"if Hizbullah represents the resistance than I want nothing to do with it".

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