Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mubarak Men Begin to Resurface

By Cam McGrath

"CAIRO, Oct 26, 2011 (IPS) - Members of the regime of ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak have demanded to be allowed to run in upcoming elections and warned of violence if legislation to prohibit their political ambitions is passed.....

Expecting that Egypt’s military council, a legacy of Mubarak’s regime, will reject or water down the proposed legislation, youth groups instrumental in the dictator’s overthrow have resorted to a name-and- shame campaign. Dubbed "Emsek Feloul" (Catch the remnants), the initiative aims at exposing corrupt members of the old regime.

"So far we’ve identified the names and ranks of 10,000 loyalists of the former ruling party," campaign spokesman Sherif Diab told IPS. "Our goal is to expose all of the estimated 60,000 who were the party’s leaders, parliamentary representatives and local council members."

Campaign organisers have put the names on a web site and Facebook page. They also plan to launch a phone campaign and distribute print copies of the blacklist to voters across the country ahead of next month’s legislative elections....

Ahmed Fadel, an organiser of the Emsek Feloul campaign, says that unless the political exclusion law is implemented, it will be up to voters to decide whether they want to entrust the nation’s future to members of a regime that darkened its past.

"Maybe some NDP members were good," Fadel concedes, "But it’s not our job to decide that; we’re only identifying them so voters can make (informed decisions) at the polls." "

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