Friday, October 28, 2011

On the "conspiracy" against Syria

The whole talk about the existence of a "conspiracy" to topple the regime bothers me because things just don't add up. Not only the regime talks about this baseless claim, but leftist like Angry Arab and Ibrahim Al-Amin have made similar claims as well.  Few questions come to mind:

  1. If Qatar/KSA want to topple the regime why have they put no pressure on the regime , like cutting off diplomatic relations/ recognizing the SNC ...etc ?
  2. If the US/NATO want to interfere why have they not put any pressure on Russia ? I mean this is the same Russia that stood idle while the US bombed the hell out of its closest allySerbia back in 99.. All of a sudden Russia is this Soviet beast again that uses Veto and stops the west from their ambitions ?

I have yet to see any evidence on the existence of a conspiracy, media biased is never enough to prove a conspiracy, it is a tool to justify or change the minds of the masses but that usually
is always associated with political/military/covert actions. In the case of Syria there is media biased (on both sides)  but this biased in my opinion is not enough to justify the claim that there is a conspiracy.

There is a desire to get rid of the regime by KSA/Qatar , but there are external forces preventing them from doing anything more than use their media outlets to show the massacres the regime does on a daily basis. 

Until now the facts for the last 7.5 months indicate that there is a conspiracy AGAINST the revolution and not for it. Governments and "leftists" (like the Ibrahim Al-Amin ) still believe that the regime will "reform" and become more "inclusive" and all they have done is talked about reforms while killing hundred of civilians every week. 

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