Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brave witness: Tom Hurndall's The Only House Left Standing – in pictures

Peace activist and aspiring photojournalist Tom Hurndall died in 2004, aged 22, after being shot by an Israeli soldier. His words and images bear witness to events he saw while living in Iraq, Jordan and the Gaza Strip. The Only House Left Standing: The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall is published this week by Trolley Books. Here are a selection of Hurndall's photographs, and his own words, from the book, Thursday 1 March 2012

6 April 2003. An ISM (International Solidarity Movement) protester confronts a bulldozer at an anti-home demolition protest, Rafah. 'As for the Israeli soldiers, they are all jokers until you realise they they don't care much if they kill you. Maybe I'd get on with them a bit better if I'd met them somewhere else'

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