Friday, March 2, 2012

Paul Conroy warns of Syria massacre

Homs could compare to the onslaughts of Bosnia and Rwanda, warns photographer who was smuggled out of stricken city, Friday 2 March 2012

"Paul Conroy, the British photographer wounded in the rocket attack that killed war reporter Marie Colvin in Homs, has warned that the Syrian city faces a "massacre beyond measure".

In his first interview since he was smuggled out of Syria and across the border to safety in Lebanon, the Sunday Times photographer compared the onslaught by the forces of the Syrian regime to the mass killings of the 1990s in Bosnia and Rwanda and made a plea for the international community to act.

"Once the cameras are gone, as they are now, God knows what is happening," he told Sky News from his hospital bed in London. "Any talking now is too late. The time for talking is actually over. Now the massacre and the killing are at full tilt."......"

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