Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Obama and Netanyahu: the president of hope meets the PM of doom

Their testy meeting over Iran's nuclear ambitions showed how far the Palestinian question has dropped down the agenda

Chris McGreal
The Guardian, Monday 5 March 2012

"At least they looked each other in the eye this time. But there was no escaping the sense that once again Israel's prime minister was playing schoolmaster to the US president's recalcitrant pupil....

Three years ago, Obama was promising to shift the weight of US power to drive Israel towards a deal with the Palestinians whether it really wants one or not. But the president of hope has been confronted with the prime minister of doom. Netanyahu sees only threats. The Arab Spring is a menace — more like an Arab Winter. Hamas is seeping into the Palestinian power structure. And now there's Iran.

Israel's threat of another war has at least saved Netanyahu from having to talk to Obama about his least favourite subject; the future of a people who have yet to be given the right to make their own decisions."

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