Sunday, March 4, 2012

Syrians flee Homs for Lebanon

Up to 2,000 refugees reach border, but fate of thousands unknown as Red Cross still denied access to Baba Amr

Martin Chulov in Beirut, Sunday 4 March 2012

"Lebanon is bracing itself for a new influx of Syrian refugees after up to 2,000 people fleeing the military onslaught in Homs were reported to be trying to reach the country's northern border.....

The exodus from Syria's third city has intensified since loyalist forces ousted the opposition Free Syria Army from the Baba Amr neighbourhood on Friday. There is little information about the fate of up to 20,000 residents thought to be there when the siege began four weeks ago.

For the third day running, the International Committee for the Red Cross was denied access to Baba Amr despite earlier assurances that it could deliver aid to residents trapped in the fighting...."

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