Thursday, March 8, 2012

This year let's celebrate … the Saudi women's driving campaign

International Women's Day: The campaign got women's rights moving, from political participation to jobs in lingerie shops

Eman Al Nafjan, Thursday 8 March 2012

"I don't believe gender differences are so strongly felt anywhere in the world as in Saudi Arabia. Even strolling down the street, the great majority of men are in white ankle-length shirt dresses while women are, by law, required to wear a black abaya and head scarf wherever they go in public. And gender differences in rights and obligations are just as black and white as the dress code. Women are banned from driving their own cars; they are not allowed to run their own businesses; they are not allowed inside main government buildings; and they cannot travel abroad, no matter what their age, without official permission from their guardians, which has to be authorised by the government.....

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