Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Syria crisis: Assad says more time needed to 'win the battle' - live updates

• 'FSA destroys 10 helicopters'

Haroon Siddique and Brian Whitaker, Wednesday 29 August 2012

FSA 'destroys 10 helicopters'

The Free Syrian Army claims to have destroyed 10 Syrian Air Force helicopters at Taftanaz military airport, located between the northern cities of Aleppo and Idlib, al-Jazeera reported today. Video uploaded onto YouTube purported to show clashes at the airport in the distance. The video below purports to show the destroyed helicopters.

AFP reports that rebels claimed to have destroyed five helicopters at Taftanaz:
Abu Mossab, a rebel who participated in the attack, told AFP via Skype that the rebels had shelled the Taftanaz military airport with two captured military tanks and had destroyed five military helicopters. The claims could not immediately be independently verified.
It quotes the British-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights as saying 14 government troops were killed in the fighting at Taftanaz......"

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