Friday, August 31, 2012

Syria crisis: Turkey calls for 'safe haven' – live updates

Egyptian stance on Syria increases Iran's isolation

Brian Whitaker, Friday 31 August 2012

• President Morsi's speech in Tehran yesterday has "all but completed Iran's isolation", Simon
Tisdall writes in the Guardian.

Morsi's fierce condemnation of the Syrian regime, Iran's close ally, was as eloquent as it was piercing, and it came like a bolt from the blue. He didn't just rain on the Iranians' parade. It was as if Hurricane Isaac had taken a sharp turn north across the Caspian and unleashed its wrathful furies on an unsuspecting Tehran.

Scott Peterson, in the Christian Science Monitor, shares that view:

Iran's charm offensive and attempts to seize the high ground were dampened by the words of the UN chief and by Mohamed Morsi ....."

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