Friday, September 21, 2012

Syrian blogger burned to death

The Guardian

"A citizen journalist who used the nom de plume Abu Hassan to report from the Syrian city of Hama was burned to death after regime forces targeted his home.
According to a fellow media activist, Syrian army soldiers set Hassan's house alight after an assault on the area that left 16 people dead.

The activist said that the army were aware that the house belonged to Hassan, a 27-year-old whose real name was Abdel Karim al-Oqda.

He said: "They knew very well who he was. The whole of Hama knew how much of the revolution he had filmed. Abu Hassan was one of the bravest people I have ever met. He sacrificed his life to show the world what is happening in Syria."

In one of his videos, Hassan is seen explaining why he left his job as a construction worker to take up filming. "I want to expose the crimes that the regime is carrying out... I will film until my last breath."
Hassan's death was the latest in a string of killings and kidnappings of citizen and professional journalists in Syria since the outbreak of the revolt in March 2011.
The Paris-based press watchdog, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), said: "Syria's cities have become a 'Bermuda Triangle' for journalists.""


anan said...

At Mondoweiss many people hate the Syrian opposition, calling them all Israeli collaborators.

They say that almost every Syrian intensely hates the opposition and that Assad would win a free election in a landslide.

As a result, many at Mondoweiss celebrate every victory by Assad and every time Assad's freedom fighters kill a Mossad spy.

Any comment?

Why is there such hatred for the FSA on the part of so many leftists?

Tony Sayegh said...

"....Why is there such hatred for the FSA on the part of so many leftists?"

Because about 5% of its fighters are considered "Jihadists."

So, the so-called left ignores the 95% and only sees the 5%.