Saturday, July 15, 2006

If They Had Democratic Arab Governments

This is a remarkable on-line poll by Al-Jazeera. In light of the coordinated statements by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan that Hizbollah's confrontation with Israel is a reckless and irresponsible adventure that is "hurting the Arab cause," the question is posed as to whether this is true or that the confrontation is legitimate resistance. 91% of the 13,627 who took part said that it was legitimate resistance.

The chasm between the Arab people and their dictators has never been greater.

هل ترى في مواجهة حزب الله مع إسرائيل؟

مغامرة غير محسوبة

مقاومة مشروعة

إجمالي المصوتين

نتيجة التصويت لا تعبر عن رأي الجزيرة وإنما تعبر عن رأي الأعضاء المشاركين فيه.

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