Tuesday, July 11, 2006

News from Palestine

Palestinians: PA forces told to quit their positions

In Israel: Kill a gay person, get $5,000 (I'm just sayin' don't talk about Muslims being intolerant when you guys are putting hits out on gay people...)

Muhammad Ibrahim Youssef Hassan Joudeh (83 years): "The land is my soul and it keeps our dignity"

Palestinian injuries suggest Israel is using chemical weapons in Gaza

Four Palestinians die at Rafah border awaiting entry into Gaza

Arab America Institute may sue US over Israeli decision to bar Arab Americans

Pax Christi Criticises Firms Backing Israel Occupation of Palestine

IOF Continue to Target Civilians in the Gaza Strip: 3 Children Killed and another Seriously

Factbox - Dangers facing children in worst 10 hotspots

In Gaza offensive, Israel hits Western aid projects

New bus route leaves Palestinian workers walking

Hamas rejects US initiative to form emergency govt

Hamas leaders: Meshal backs broad-based deal with Israel

Tel Aviv-Kiryat Shmona flights are still for Jewish passengers only

Zeese Urges Cardin Introduce Resolution Critical of Israel and Warning of Fund Cut-Off

Entry Denied: Deporting witnesses of Israeli Occupation and Unilateralism

Israel's aggression destroys any semblance of civic order

Six Human Rights Groups Petitioned Israeli High Court

Why Critics of the Israel Lobby Are Politically Homeless

Israeli Blood-sport in Gaza

‘Gaza is starving in the darkness’ (But the Israeli Knesset thinks this is funny, they call it a Palestinian diet)

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