Monday, July 10, 2006

A One-Sided War

Uri Avnery: A One-Sided War

"The Israeli government asserts that it is facing not an enemy with rights, but "terrorists", "criminals" and "gangs". And those, of course, have no rights.

It seems that the Jewish brain is inventing new patents (as a popular Israeli song once said). After the Unilateral Disengagement and the Unilateral Peace, we have now a Unilateral War. A war in which one side (the stronger) enjoys all the rights of a belligerent party, while the other (weaker) side has no rights at all. "

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Janice said...

The Israeli govt always tries to look like they are the victims.Some Israeli govt spokesman is always on the news talking about terrorists attacking Israelis.Meanwhile a bomb has been dropped on a home in Gaza