Saturday, July 15, 2006

What they want is the head of the resistance movement

Talal Salman, As-Safir (Beirut)

"It's war again. As in the past, it's an Israeli war in terms of the men and material; a joint Israeli-American war in terms of its declared and implied political aims. We must prepare for a long, bitter, and costly confrontation because the first aim of the war is to change the rules of the game radically in Lebanon, for starters, then in its neighbor Palestine, then in the rogue state Syria and rebellious Iran."

"The real reason for the war is the presence of the resistance, and then its influential role, not only on Lebanese politics, but on the Arab level in general and the Palestinian level in particular."

"And in order for this American goal to be achieved, the resistance must fold its banners and withdraw from its land (Israel has already specified that it should be pushed 20km away from the borders) leaving the sovereignty, independence, and unity of Lebanon in the protective care of Resolution 1559 and the Israeli Defense Forces -- who are so well known for their total commitment to and meticulous observance of all United Nations resolutions."

"This is why the Israelis, and then the Americans, have emphasized what they call the responsibility of the Lebanese government for this war and the need for Lebanon to take matters in hand. In other words, they want to put the Lebanese government in the position of confronting the resistance and thereby transform the war into a civil conflict."

"The aim is a joint American-Israeli one. And the war is a joint American-Israeli one. What they want is the head of the resistance movement, that successful example of the ability to win, that beacon whose rays reached all four corners of the Arab land, and even beyond to the neighboring areas, most of which are Islamic and are also looking for their way into the future."

"It's war. The enemy has imposed it. But the potential for steadfastness is present. The resistance is there, confronting the enemy with the efficiency that we have come to trust. So, steady on."


Anonymous said...

Really an - not nutty conspiratory - interesting article on
how to dig a tunnel of 650 m length.


The pal. should apply in the tunnel business, they are
extraordinary good - and - the job is well payed.

Anonymous said...

Someone able to confirm/falsify this:

"On July 12 Israels troops were ambushed on
Lebanon's side of the border with Israel"

Next question: Are we ahead of another nakhba?

That's the reason why Isr. prevents Pal. with
foreign passports to enter the Westbank/Gaza?

Tony said...

"Are we ahead of another nakhba?"

The risk of "population transfer" is there. Israel, in destroying the infrastructure and destroying the means of survival of the Palestinians, is obviously hoping to push them out and create a new Nakba. However, the Palestinians have no place to go and they are much harder to evict from their land than in 1948. You can never be so sure, but here is one data point. On the Egyptian side of the Gaza border, there are a few thousand Palestinians stranded, since the closure of the crossing. Egypt has not dared to open the crossing point between its territory and Gaza, for fear of offending the Israelis. When the Palestinians had enough (6 have died in the summer heat) they blasted an opening in the ghetto wall and crossed into Gaza. The point is that with Gaza without electricity, water, fully functioning hospitals and constant Israeli attacks, the Palestinians would rather be in Gaza, rather than being stranded at the border.

Assistant Village Idiot said...
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