Sunday, August 20, 2006

Israel warns Fatah could vanish from Gaza

"JERUSALEM (AFP) -Israel's internal security service warned that Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's moderate Fatah movement could disintegrate in the Gaza Strip and lead to a "Lebanon-like reality" there.

"Fatah is in an extremely difficult situation," a senior government official quoted Shin Beth chief Yuval Diskin as saying during the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday. "It has never been at such a low point.

"If nothing positive happens soon, the chances are high that within a matter of months Fatah could disintegrate and disappear from the Gaza Strip," he said.

Fatah was routed by the Islamist Hamas movement in a January election and since then, Hamas and Fatah loyalists have been periodically involved in deadly internecine clashes."
The issue is very simple: Fatah has abandoned armed struggle, sold out most Palestinian rights, has become a tool for the US and the traitorous Arab regimes and is led by a bunch of old and corrupt men who have enriched themselves while Palestinians in the refugee camps die daily from Israeli raids with basics for daily survival missing. Fatah with its stooge-in-chief Abbas still pursues a fictitious "peace process," which itself knows does not exist. Is it any wonder that Fatah is almost finished? Especially in light of the impressive model that Hizbullah is demonstrating.

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