Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meanwhile in Iraq

At least 28 killed in occupied Iraq: One day after Maliki won a promise from tribal leaders to rein in Iraq's violent factions, bombers targeted the busy heart of Baghdad and a state-run newspaper seen as friendly to the government.

20 bodies found in Baghdad : Police said 20 bodies had been found in various districts of Baghdad on Saturday. Some bore signs of torture and most had been killed by gunshots to the head, a typical feature of the communal bloodshed between the Shi'ite and Sunni sects.

Call for autonomy as Iraqi tribes demand peace : A powerful Iraqi politician called yesterday for the Shi’ite south of the country to become an autonomous region as tribal leaders vowed to work together for peace.

For an Iraq Cut in 3, Cast a Wary Glance at Kurdistan : Children are not required to learn Arabic in schools, which means an entire generation is growing up without the ability to communicate with other Iraqis. Arabs arriving from other parts of the country have to register with local security forces.

Reuters seeks Pentagon probe on journalist's "unlawful". death: Reuters news agency urged the U.S. military on Sunday to investigate the killing of one of its journalists by American troops in Baghdad a year ago.

You wouldn’t catch me dead in Iraq: Scores of American troops are deserting — even from the front line in Iraq. But where have they gone? And why isn’t the US Army after them? Peter Laufer tracked down four of the deserters.

U.S. forces kill family of five in Mosul: U.S. forces killed on Thursday five members of one family, who were an old man, two women and two young men, as they were leaving home in Mosul, claiming they were “terrorists”, official sources in Ninawa police department said.

Director of Baghdad Museum Resigns, Citing Political Threat: The director was a midlevel official in the Baath Party and may be the target of a revenge campaign by conservative Shiites, a Western diplomat said.

60 killed in Iraq violence: A series of car bombings and shootings across Iraq have killed about 60 people on Sunday, but the Iraqi prime minister said that violence was decreasing and the country would never slide into a civil war.

Iraq War Shreds Bush Doctrine: Analysts say prez's goal of creating democracy has failed, leaving U.S. foreign policy adrift.

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