Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al-Qaeda deputy mocks US Iraq plan

Zawahiri Blockbuster Videos: "Our guarantee to you is this: Order your video in the morning and watch it at night! It is that simple; we deliver!"

"......Ayman al-Zawahiri vowed that al-Qaeda's supporters will defeat the US in the new videotape intercepted by the Washington based SITE Institute.

In the video, al-Zawahiri said it was the "duty" of all Muslims to take up arms against Islam's enemies, and said the US strategy for Iraq outlined by George Bush, the US president, would fail.

SITE said the message was broadcast on al-Qaeda's multimedia arm, as-Sahab, which the group monitors.

Al-Zawahiri said in the message: "I ask [Bush], why send 20,000 [troops] only - why not send 50 or 100,000? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?

"So send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the mujahideen [holy warriors] to free the world from your evil … because Iraq, land of the caliphate and jihad [struggle], is able to bury ten armies like yours, with Allah's help and power."......."


Just accidental timing before Bush's State of the Union Speech? I think not.

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