Sunday, January 21, 2007

Damascus, The New Destination Of U.S. Stooges

The Three Stooges

Is Karzai Coming To Damascus Next?

The puppet Abbas is there now. The Iraqi puppet Talabani has just finished a 6-day historic visit to Damascus which culminated in Assad pledging to support Talabani and Iraq under occupation, fight the Iraqi resistance which he referred to as "terrorist" and to demand the continuation of the U.S. occupation (because this is what the puppet government has asked for). Talabani, just before going to Damascus, welcomed the additional 21,000 U.S. occupation troops.

Damascus, a few days ago, denied the existence of a secret memorandum of understanding with Israel. But in light of other rapid developments, it is now clear that Assad, as usual, has two faces: the public, anti U.S. and anti Israel face and the more real private face of being just another U.S. Arab puppet.

It appears that the Usraeli and Saudi strategy of separating Damascus from Iran is working, and rapidly. This has made Tehran nervous, which has sent a high-ranking intelligence official to Damascus to find out what Bashar Assad is up to.

The strategy of Usrael taking them one at a time is working splendidly. It is clearer than ever that the immediate next strike is against Iran. By taking Syria out, this increases the chances that Syrian pressure will be applied on Hizbullah to stay quiet if and when Iran is attacked. Missiles launched from Southern Lebanon are the most effective way for Iran to retaliate, but it appears that Syria will see to it that this will not happen. Perhaps it was not totally unrelated that 75 missiles meant for Hizbullah were confiscated by the Lebanese army close to the Syrian border. Was it a sign of cooperation with Usrael by Syria? The Iranian envoy to Damasus is supposed to ensure that Syria allow supplies to Hizbullah to go through. Iran is nervous and suspicious of Syria's intents.

The Palestinians are well advised to expect the worst from Assad; if they have any doubts about that, all they have to do is to ask Maher Arrar. If I were Khaled Mash'al, I would be thinking of a new base. With the new cooperative Bashar Assad, Mossad can't be far away.

Tony Sayegh

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