Thursday, January 25, 2007

Two martyrs and dozens of injured in pro-government militia attack against university


"Initial reports said that two university students were killed and twenty others injured have been injured in the attack launched by pro-government militias against the Beirut Arab University. MP Saad Hariri's Future Movement militias stormed into the University in started attacking pro-opposition students in campus, and sought to kidnap some students and a fistfight ensued. Future Movement militias surrounded the university from all four sides and ordered students loyal to the opposition out of the campus. Reports also said that Future militiamen living nearby came out to their balconies with machine guns and started shooting at the university. Tension is still prevailing in the area and the Lebanese army is trying to disperse Future movement militiamen and secure the exit of the besieged students while sounds of gunshots are being heard. Hezbollah issued a statement and called on citizens and supporters to retreat from the street. Similar calls were made by Speaker Nabih Berri and MP Hariri. "

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