Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hamas deplores Arab meetings with Israel

"NABLUS, (PIC)-- The Hamas Movement on Saturday lashed out at Arab official meetings with Israel, saying that the Arab countries should rather focus their efforts on breaking the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

A West Bank spokesman for the Movement said in a press release that the Arabs should have rather opted to lift the political and economic siege imposed on the Palestinians.

He underlined that the meeting of Jordanian and Egyptian foreign ministers with their Israeli counterpart was providing the Hebrew state with the help it direly needed at present to overcome the impact of the Winograd report, which held the Israeli political and military leaders responsible for the defeat in their war waged against Lebanon last summer.

The spokesman recalled that Israel ever since the Arab peace initiative was voiced in the Beirut summit in 2002 had declared its absolute rejection of it as evident in former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon's words that the initiative was not "worth the ink it was written with".

However, the present Israeli political leadership chose to invest the Arabs' insistence on this initiative to seek normalization of relations with the Arab and Islamic countries without having to pay any price in return, he opined.

The spokesman advised the Arab countries to make use of the apparent weakness of American hegemony in the region and the deteriorating internal Israeli conditions and to seek other alternatives to achieve the Arab people's interests."


Of course Hamas does not say a word about its partner in the "unity government," namely the Palestinian Karzai Abbas. He is guilty of far more than Egypt and Jordan; he is supposed to represent Palestinian interests after all.

For how long will Hamas continue to speak from both corners of its mouth?? The Palestinian people can't take Hamas seriously while it is in bed with traitors.

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