Friday, May 11, 2007

Nasrallah: Arab peace plan is lifeline for Olmert

Hizbullah leader says Saudi peace initiative rescues Israel from difficult situation after last summer 'defeat'

"Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah accused the Arab world of running to Israel's rescue following its "defeat" at the hands of his group in last summer's war by renewing a land-for-peace offer to the Jewish State.

"I tell the Arab world, 'Israel is spread out before you. You are welcome to learn its strengths and weaknesses.' But at a time when Israel is so weak, the Arabs are renewing the Arab Peace Initiative in order to save (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert," Nasrallah said.....

"If another war breaks out we will fight better than we did in July," he said, referring to the 34-day conflict that erupted on July 12 when Hizbullah gunmen abducted two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border attack.

Nasrallah ridiculed Peretz who has said in the past that Israel would push the Shiite group north of the Litani River in southern Lebanon,
saying Hizbullah never left the area south of the river.

"I laughed when I heard Peretz saying 'We will prevent Hizbullah from returning south of the Litani River.' Did we ever leave this area? All the area's residents are our supporters," Nasrallah boasted.......

"Israel's disrespect and arrogance in Lebanon lead to its defeat … by the willingness and wisdom of the resistance," he carried on.

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