Thursday, May 10, 2007

Leave, or we will behead you

The joys of living in the Iraq that George "liberated," as told by:

Pepe Escobar
Asia Times

".....Convert or else
If you are a Christian and you want to keep living in Dora, you must convert to Islam. Not only that, you must also cooperate with al-Qaeda in Iraq, and must accept al-Qaeda refugees into your house when they are trying to escape hot pursuit. If you refuse, you will be killed.

By some perverted math, al-Qaeda in Iraq has established that if you don't want to convert, you must pay $1,600 per person - plus the assurance that you won't denounce anything concerning al-Qaeda in Iraq's activities. Residents confirm that "some people paid" and are still in Dora. But "some converted"; recently there has been talk of 24 men, six women and three girls who did so. What is certain is that the majority of Christians have left. Amel Zaya paid $7,600 to Jobouri to stay in Dora with her family, and also for "protection". She now runs a restaurant.

So how is the US occupation army reacting to all this madness? The bombastic way. Less than two weeks ago, the Buaitha area of Dora was subjected to an artillery barrage and no fewer than 24 explosions from US Base Falcon - in broad daylight. There's no evidence that al-Qaeda in Iraq has been debilitated by this "tactic" - not exactly the subtlest way to fight confessional cleansing and win hearts and minds. "

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