Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Voice of Palestinian Collaborators who are Liquidating Palestinan Rights as we Speak

Fatah spokesperson welcomes visit by King Abdullah II

"Bethlehem – Ma'an – Fahmi Za’arir, the spokesperson of the Fatah movement on Saturday welcomed tomorrow's visit of King Abdullah II to the Palestinian territories.

King Abdullah will discuss the political developments which face the Palestinian cause with President Mahmoud Abbas, "especially given the reactivation the Arab Peace Initiative in Riyadh".

The spokesperson stated that "the Palestinian –Jordanian relations remain strong and the Jordanian role is always welcomed."

He asked for Jordan to continue their efforts for dissolving the siege.[Hell, they are an integral part of the siege!]

"We appreciate the support of King Abdullah for the Palestinian issue, and his visit to have a summit with President Mahmoud Abbas."

Za'arir stated that the meeting will also discuss ways to support the reactivated Arab peace initiative, "which is the main thing to discuss following the Riyadh summit," he concluded."

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